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Testimonials – What our patients think of us

Did you know that 98% of our patients are satisfied with their experience at our clinic? Below you can read about what some of our patients think about us.

Professional, quick and easy!

“I am very happy with my veneers! The 3D-technique was astonishing and everything was so professional, quick and easy.”

Mei Shen Hillerbrand, designer/entrepreneur, Stockholm

City Dental has helped me with my fear of the dentist

“I feel so safe and taken care of at City Dental, and they have also helped me with my fear of the dentist incredibly. In short, I’m very happy.”

Marianne Lingserius, Organic skin therapist and natural therapist, Stockholm

I was received in an incredibly kind and professional way

“Easy, professional and Hi-Tech”

Ellen Engvall, Mediyogaterapeut, Stockholm

The dental care is of high quality and a good price!

 I’ve been going to City Dental for a year now. I got into contact with them through a friend and I have also seen their advertisements in the subway.

The people that work at City Dental are calm, and make you feel secure and well received. I like that they are open on Saturdays and Sundays as well. They have good service. The staff is nice and welcoming already at the reception. It feels more personal at City Dental than at Folktandvården for example. I have always had a good feeling when leaving the clinic. They have nice and modern premises and the dental care is of high quality and a good price.

Malena Praesto, Self-employed, Stockholm

There’s a family atmosphere at City Dental even though it’s a large clinic

“I chose City Dental after getting recommendations from friends and family. There’s an easygoing atmosphere and it’s a very modern and fresh environment. It’s a multicultural clinic with many different nationalities in both staff and patients. The light-hearted atmosphere and the friendly reception by the dentists makes the procedures feel less dramatic. You could say that there’s a family atmosphere at City Dental, even though it’s a large clinic. I also want to recommend City Dental because it’s an accessible and service-minded clinic with great opening hours.”

Magnus Holmgren, doctor, Stockholm

It’s great that it’s so multicultural!

I wanted to change dentist and a friend of mine told me about City Dental. I wasn’t happy with the ones I had been going to previously and I didn’t know where to go. When I got there I found it to be a very calm environment filled with happy and talkative people. They also have flexible opening hours – you can go early in the morning or late in the evenings. You don’t need to be stressed about your dentist appointment. I think it’s very important that people can choose to go to the dentist when they want.

City Dental’s strength is that their staff is multicultural which makes them stand out in the crowd. As a French woman I think it’s good that they speak different languages. I get more calm and I feel more welcome and relaxed. Teeth are important. You notice and think about them. I used to feel ashamed about my teeth. I’m a teacher and it’s important to be able to smile when you work with people. After my appointment at City Dental I saw an enormous difference. My children even said “What a difference!”. Now I can smile without having to worry about it. I am so happy about my new teeth.

Béatrice Le Gall-Bengtsson, teacher, Stockholm 

The best thing about City Dental are the dentists and their warm personal approach

“The best thing about City Dental are the dentists and their warm personal approach. All dentists I have met at City Dental have been amazing, and first and foremost professional and very meticulous. I also think it felt amazing in there with all of the different cultures, the multicultural gives a lot of viability. I always feel seen and taken care of and the warm smiles of the personnel help you relax.

The staff greets and welcomes you kindly, and they always know you name. I always see a lot of smiles when I visit the clinic. I like City Dental. It’s professional and I will definitely continue to go there. Before I have gone from dentist to dentist, at other clinics it feels like there is a continuous stream of patients and it feels very impersonal. City Dental has better prices and they don’t take 1500kr for 10 minutes. I really want to urge people to take care of their teeth. When you are 85 years old it’s too late, but I am very grateful that they have saved my teeth at City Dental, and I am very satisfied.”

Peter Buchar, artist, Ulricehamn

I can recommend City Dental for all eternity. They have changed my life. Now I can smile!

“I’ve had an incredible fear of the dentist, but it was absolutely amazing coming to City Dental.

I started going to City Dental in January of 2015. It was my wife that recommended me to go there, partly because she was a patient there, but also because she knew about my fear of the dentist. If I compare City Dental with my dentists in the past it’s like night and day. My previous dentists used outdated tools, where going to City Dental was like coming to the future, it is very modern there.

I also think that City Dentals opening hours are very good. I work a lot, so it’s nice to be able to choose the times yourself. I thought that everyone who worked there were incredibly good – from the ones on the reception to the dentist that treated me. I used to have a malocclusion which led to me biting down my own teeth. So I have had quite a few procedures done, everything from regular appointments to more severe surgeries. It was hard and the problems with my teeth eventually became a handicap, I was forced to talk with a closed mouth. After my treatment at City Dental I have received many positive comments. I have also always had a dream to have a gold tooth, and that wish came true at City Dental. At City Dental I was welcomed with 100% kindness and professionalism. I can absolutely recommend City Dental! I have already recommended my colleagues at work and my parents-in-law.”

Rachid Píotrowski, Foreman at Vianor (Hägersten), Tyresö

City Dental use modern equipment and it feels like they are constantly renewing

“City Dental is modern and smart. It’s open every day of the week and late in the evenings. All other dental care just feels outdated.

City Dental is also undramatized in a really nice way! It’s not like it was in the past where you sat in a waiting room with three or four other patients. It’s a large turnover of patients. I urge everyone to visit the dentist. It’s like refueling the car, it just has to be done. When I leave City Dental I feel like a new person in my mouth.

My experience is that City Dental has modern equipment and it feels like they are constantly renewing. I recommend City Dental to everyone I talk about dental care with. Everyone I have met at the clinic has been great. I am super happy.

Fredrik Sachs, Entrepreneur, Stockholm

I go to City Dental because I like the dentists there and have always been happy with the results. Everyone is happy and friendly and there’s a family atmosphere to the practice.

I work as a tango teacher and when you dance tango, you need a beautiful smile so you can charm your partner and audience! Now, I have that thanks to City Dental.

I come from Argentina and at City Dental there are dentists and dental nurses who can explain all the steps of the treatment process in Spanish, my mother tongue. So I feel safe in the hands of City Dental’s dentists.

Marcelo Almiron, Tango instructor, Buenos Aires

The best thing about City Dental is that they have wonderful dentists, great prices and are located right in the city centre.

“I hadn’t found a practice I was happy with, I’d been to several. When I came to City Dental, I developed a great relationship with my dentist. My first impression of City Dental was that it felt like the staff was one big family That’s why I stayed.

I get exactly the care I need, the dentist is thorough and clear and always sensitive to my needs. The best thing about City Dental is that they have wonderful dentists, great prices and are located right in the city centre!”

Lusine Avetisyan, Sundbyberg

The best dental care I’ve ever experienced!

“I’ve previously had a lot of problems with my teeth. I’ve been to several dentists, but have never been listened to. But at City Dental it’s very different. There they do everything at my pace. They don’t rush through work, but are careful and make sure I understand, and am prepared for, what’s going on. If it hurts the least little bit, they stop. Then they always follow up the treatment and make recommendations.

City Dental has great prices and it’s also the best dental care I’ve ever experienced. I’m really satisfied! I feel welcome when I go to City Dental. The staff radiates warmth and I feel really safe. The best thing about City Dental is the way they work and how they treat their patients. You become more than a patient; you become part of their family. The staff is fun and friendly. They are really wonderful people. You don’t want to leave!
I’ve previously had problems with my teeth. Now I want to smile all the time, people think I’m crazy!

Sara Kurecki, Husby

City Dental cured my fear of dentists! 

I was referred to City Dental by my girlfriend who told me they had good prices. Now I’ve been to City Dental 8-10 times and my impression is that they are very professional. Already at the reception, you’re met by friendly staff. Before I went to City Dental, I hadn’t been to a dentist for more than 10 years because of my fear of dentists. My fear dates back to when I was a kid and had to have a tooth pulled at another practice. They pulled out the wrong tooth, probably because they’d read te x-ray upside down.

Today I’m no longer hesitant to go to the dentist. I got rid of my fear of dentists thanks to my dentist at City Dental. She’s sociable and friendly and keen to ensure my wellbeing at all times. She makes me think of something else. Last time I was at City Dental, I had a five hour treatment but time still passed very fast because they’re so nice. They generally have very good customer service and great prices!

Patrik Munther, Järfälla

I think the best thing is the long opening hours

The best thing about City Dental is the long opening hours. You can go there both mornings and evenings. Before, I had to take time off from work or studies to go to the dentist. Now, I can go evenings or weekends and don’t have to worry about that. I brought my son to City Dental once because I couldn’t find a babysitter. And it wasn’t a problem at all. They took care of him just as well as they took care of me!

Sara Löfman, Solna

Great price difference compared to other practices

The price is perfect! I’ve had cost estimates from other practices and there really is a big difference! At City Dental, you get good service and treatment, not to mention a good price. That’s exactly what you want! And you always feel welcome. The staff listens to the patients and treats them very well. There’s a great atmosphere at City Dental, it’s clear that the staff is happy and gets along well with each other.

Abdelkader Charafi, Huddinge

I only have good experiences

I’ve been a patient at City Dental for 4-5 years and have only had good experiences. Every appointment has been a pleasant experience! You always know how much you will be charged before the check-up. And they never have long waiting times or delays, you barely have time to sit down before they call your name!

Riitta Lötberg, Nacka

Patient since 2006 who finds the service amazing

I’ve been a patient at City Dental since 2006 and am equally pleased after each appointment. The dentists have a fantastic customer service; it’s very professional but also very friendly. There’s openness towards patients here that I haven’t experienced at any other dental practice. It’s also clear that the staff at City Dental enjoys the work, they joke, there’s a good cohesion and they’re happy, which rubs off on the patients. Moreover, City Dental always helps me with a cost estimate, which is great, so I know where my budget is. Charging less certainly doesn’t affect the quality of the practice, the prices are rather like icing on the cake.

Yvonne Brodd, Solberga

Wanted to hug the dentist when he got the cost estimate

Before my first appointment at the practice in 2007, I hadn’t been to the dentist for nearly 10 years, so I was expecting frightful bills, which can be the case with many dentists. When I got the first cost estimate from my dentist at City Dental, I just wanted to hug him. It turned out that City Dental offered a cost estimate of almost half the amount the Public Dental Service would charge for the same operation. As mentioned, the prices are incredibly low, but it doesn’t affect the quality. The practice is state of the art and located in the clean and fresh facilities. The main reason I return to City Dental, is their wonderful and competent dentists.

Ronny Åslund, Vällingby

Pleasantly surprised by the modern facilities

I have to admit that I didn’t have that high expectations before my first appointment. I visited the practice for the first time quite recently, and was, already at the reception, pleasantly surprised by how fresh and modern the practice was; it was nothing like I had expected it. There’s a great atmosphere at the practice and they have very friendly staff, with whom you easily maintain personal contact. Something else I really appreciate with City Dental is how smoothly everything runs, both before and during your appointment. Making an appointment was fast and once there, it all went remarkably quickly and smoothly. At City Dental, the dentist fits the treatment to the patient’s needs, rather than vice versa. For people who work during the day, and are less flexible timewise, it’s great that City Dental also stays open on Saturdays without additional costs.

Camilla Owrenn Öhlund, Bromma

Quickly got an appointment, before he went on holidays with his girlfriend.

I recently visited the practice for the first time when I was recommended there. I’m from Australia and have heard many horror stories of Swedish dental prices, so I decided to give City Dental a chance. Most people have probably experienced dental appointments where you’re sitting in the dentist’s chair not knowing what’s going on in your mouth, and then are left with an expensive bill without understanding what it’s based on. At City Dental you don’t have that problem. As the dentists explain precisely what needs to be done and provide good cost estimates and payment schemes, the cost never comes as an unpleasant surprise at the end. I once was in a hurry to catch a boat with my girlfriend and tried squeezing in a dental appointment at City Dental before leaving, so we were a bit stressed. Both of us were amazed at how quickly and efficiently it all went when we explained that we were in a hurry. The dentists were calm and relaxed and thanks to their efficient work, we managed to catch our boat. They really have an extraordinary ability to handle stressed patients. Since I came to Sweden, City Dental actually is the first dental practice I’m really happy with.

Glen Pike, Bromma

40% more affordable implants at City Dental than with other dentists!

I went to City Dental for the first time when a dental bridge broke and I noticed that I could get it about 40% cheaper there than with my regular dentist.
Their dentists are very talented and there’s never a language problem. There’s also valuable information on the TV screens and the equipment is modern, so I’m very happy.

Lennart Bjertsjö, retired

City Dental charges budget friendly prices, and we’ve been able to keep the same dentist for many years, which feels very safe!

I’m very scared of dentists, so when my regular dentist retired, I thought of gluing my loose tooth back on with superglue. But then I was recommended a good dentist at City Dental. I’ve been going there for 7 years now and am really happy” – says Margit.
“City Dental charges prices that are kinder to your budget than other dental practices. Especially when you’re doing implants, bridges or dentures”
– says Lars.
“The nurses and dentists are really nice and we’ve been able to keep the same dentist all the time we’ve been going to City Dental, which feels very safe” – say both Lars and Margit.

The couple Lars, 69 years old, and Margit Carlqvist, 72 years old, from Spånga, have been going to City Dental for the past 6 and 7 years 

Paret Lars och Margit Carlqvist, retired, Spånga


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