Teeth whitening

Everybody’s teeth have a different basic colour. Properly performed teeth whitening can make teeth whiter and give you a beautiful smile. City Dental offers two different teeth whitening methods. One method is gradual process of whitening at home using custom moulded whitening trays. You whiten your teeth at home for a few nights while you sleep. The second method is in-clinic whitening where we laser whiten your teeth while you sit in the dentist’s chair. This method whitens your teeth immediately. Read about the different methods below.

Whitening at home

We carefully determine whether we need to remove any tartar, or if anything else needs to be done before we start whitening your teeth. This examination is included in the price.

Our dental technicians manufacture a whitening tray, completely tailored to your teeth. You can pick up the tray after 1-2 weeks. You then go through the treatment process with a dentist or dental hygienist. You decide on how white you want your teeth, and how to care for them during the whitening process.

A teeth whitening gel is applied in the thin, personalised whitening tray. Most people choose to whiten their teeth overnight, and they sleep with the tray in. However, you can happily whiten your teeth during the day as well. The treatment period for teeth whitening varies, depending on the results you want to achieve, and what your teeth look like to start with. Normally the treatment period is between 3-5 days. Most people notice a difference after the first treatment.

Laser whitening using Polus Laser Systems

The Polus® teeth whitening lamp is the latest and most advanced on the market right now. As the world’s most powerful halogen lamp for teeth whitening, Polus provides superior, clinically proven results compared to most other plasma and laser systems. First, the patient has a consultation, examination and colour matching. Then a guard is fitted along the patient’s gum line. Then a whitening gel (6% hydrogen peroxide) is applied to the teeth. The bleaching gel is activated by the Polus lamp. The gel is replaced three times during treatment. The time taken for treatment is about 60 minutes. When the treatment is finished, you wash your mouth out, have a fluoride treatment and do colour matching to see the difference.


A gentle treatment that removes discoloration and deposits on the teeth by air polishing using salt and water. Your teeth return to their natural whiteness and your whole mouth feels clean and fresh. This treatment is carried out at the clinic.

Things to remember following treatment

Avoid coloured foods and drink for three days as the bleaching process continues. Coffee, tea, Coca Cola, soy, tomato sauces, beetroot, curry, chocolate and coloured toothpaste for example. Avoid tobacco and red wine as well. Drink plenty of water to quickly restore balance to the teeth. It is also important that you are thorough with your oral hygiene, brushing your teeth morning and night, using white toothpaste, and preferably rinsing with a fluoride mouthwash such as Dentan.

Side effects

You may sometimes experience sensitivity after treatment; however, this is temporary and will stop within a few days. Some patients may experience some mottling/discoloration or white spots, but this is also temporary and will disappear after about 1-2 weeks. Any mottling is caused by the composition of molecules in the dentine (tooth tissue). If and when this happens, the colour of the enamel needs a little extra time to even out following tooth whitening.

According to Läkemedelsverket (the Medical Products Agency), you must be over 18 to whiten your teeth


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