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City Dental has Sweden’s lowest prices on dental care

You can see our price list below. City Dental has significantly lower prices than the Public Dental Service and most private dentists. After you have had an examination, your dentist will give you a quote. Use this quote to compare the prices of other dental clinics.

A new dental care subsidy was introduced on 1st January 2019. Everyone, from the year you turn 24, receives a dental care subsidy. This subsidy consists of a dental care allowance plus high-cost protection. Adults receive a dental allowance that is valid for two years at a time.

The size of the allowance depends on how old you are:

  • If you are aged 24-29, the dental allowance is SEK 1200 for two years
  • If you are aged 30-64, the dental allowance is SEK 600 for two years
  • If you are aged 65+, the dental allowance is SEK 1200 for two years

Reimbursement by Försäkringskassan (the Social Insurance Agency) is determined on the basis of a national reference price list. If the dentist’s price corresponds to the reference price, or is lower, then this is the price on which reimbursement is based. At City Dental, most prices are below the reference price list. But many dentists have prices that are above the reference price list. In that case you have to pay the difference between the reference price and the dentist’s price. A reimbursement period may not exceed 12 months.

  • For dental care up to SEK 3,000 you pay full price (applies to adults).
  • For dental care of SEK 3,001-15,000, you will be reimbursed for 50 percent of the cost.
  • For dental care over SEK 15,000, you will be reimbursed for 85 percent of the cost.

However, not all dental care is eligible for reimbursement. For example, no reimbursement is made for a crown on molars or for root canal treatment on a wisdom tooth. Cosmetic dental care, such as tooth whitening, is paid for entirely by the patient, as is scaling and polishing.

You will always receive a quotation before we start your treatment. You can use this to compare prices from other dental clinics.

We reserve the right to make changes.

Price list – dental care at City Dental

Tooth whitening

Laser whitening SEK 1,995
At-home whitening SEK 995


101 Basic check-up and diagnosis, dentist SEK 550
107 Extensive emergency or additional check-up performed by dentist SEK 1035
108 Examination performed by dentist SEK 1,595
121 X-ray examination of individual tooth SEK 45
122 X-ray examination, partial status SEK 200
123 Total intraoral X-ray examination of the oral cavity SEK 630
124 Panoramic X-ray SEK 440
126 Extensive X-ray examination SEK 750
131 Tomography examination, one single quadrant SEK 1,900
132 Tomography examination, two quadrants SEK 2,200
133 Tomography examination, three quadrants, sinus, temporomandibular joint or trauma investigation SEK 2,600
134 Tomography examination, four quadrants SEK 2,900
141 Study model for treatment planning SEK 605
142 Study models and wax-up for treatment planning SEK 800
161 Saliva secretion measurement SEK 295
162 Laboratory costs for microbiological examination SEK 180
163 Biopsy and laboratory examination (PAD) SEK 950


401 Dental extraction, one single tooth SEK 950
402 Dental extraction, one single tooth, complicated SEK 1,425
403 Additional dental extraction, simple SEK 185
404 Surgical removal of a single tooth or multiple teeth or other tissue, per surgery SEK 2,880
405 Extensive dento-alveolar surgery SEK 3,300
442 Surgical treatment of periodontitis SEK 3,415

Root canal treatments

501 Cleaning and root filling, one single root canal SEK 3,150
502 Cleaning and root filling, two root canals SEK 3,565
503 Cleaning and root filling, three root canals SEK 4,530
504 Cleaning and root filling, four or more root canals SEK 4,775
521 Emergency root canal treatment SEK 750
522 Localisation of canal for complicated root anatomy SEK 805
523 Removal of pins SEK 1,170
541 Root tip surgery SEK 2,950
542 Apical surgery, additional tooth during the surgery SEK 880

Occlusal splints (one year warranty)

601 Custom-made upper hard acrylic occlusal splint, per splint SEK 3,150
602 Custom-made lower hard acrylic occlusal splint, per splint SEK 3,150
603 Resetting dental splint, per splint SEK 3,150
604 Soft plastic splint for occlusal physiological treatment, per splint SEK 1,745
606 Dental motor activation SEK 450
607 Occlusal bite adjustment SEK 655


701 Filling of a surface of an incisor or canine SEK 595
702 Filling of two surfaces of an incisor or canine SEK 920
703 Filling of three or more surfaces of an incisor or canine SEK 1,155
704 Filling of a surface of a molar or premolar SEK 750
705 Filling of two surfaces of a molar or premolar SEK 1,140
706 Filling of three or more surfaces of a molar or premolar SEK 1,375
707 Practice-prepared plastic crown SEK 1,575
708 Securing pins for filling treatment SEK 505

Fixed prosthodontics (two year warranty)

800 Permanent tooth-supported crown, one per jaw SEK 5,745
801 Permanent tooth-supported crown, several per jaw SEK 4,460
802 Laboratory-prepared cylindrical post with intraradicular pin SEK 2,785
803 Practice-prepared cylindrical post with intraradicular pin SEK 1,255
804 Pontic, per part SEK 2,180
805 Enamel retained construction, per support SEK 1,875
806 Radicular anchorage for removable denture SEK 3,205
807 Semi-permanent crown/bridge, per part SEK 1,500
808 Inner crown for telescopic and Konus constructions SEK 2,490
809 Long-term temporary laboratory-prepared crown or pontic, per part SEK 1,040
811 Cementation of loosened crown/veneer, per crown/veneer SEK 460

Removable prosthodontics (one year warranty)

822 Partial denture for temporary use, one to three teeth SEK 3,280
823 Partial denture for temporary use, four to seven teeth SEK 4,420
823s Partial denture for temporary use, eight or more teeth SEK 4,620
824 Skeleton cast staple-fastened partial denture SEK 10,600
825 Complex partial denture supported by removable crown, inner crown or attachment SEK 11,900
827 Full lower denture, including the required number of prefabricated teeth SEK 8,800
828 Full upper denture, including the required number of prefabricated teeth SEK 8,600
829 Immediate denture SEK 6,520
831 Adjustment of removable denture SEK 325
832 Denture repair and/or addition of denture tooth SEK 1,155
833 Denture reline SEK 2,000
834 Denture repair requiring technical input SEK 1,950
835 Denture reline and repair SEK 2,700

Dental hygienist

Hygienist treatments can range in price between SEK 600 and SEK 1,200

Implant treatments

We carry out high quality implants. Generally, City Dental charges significantly less than other dental practices. To make sure that you’re getting the best price, you can ask us for a cost estimate and compare it with that of other dentists. If you choose to make your entire implant treatment with us, the cost of our implant consultation (SEK 1,000) will be credited from your dental bill.


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