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About City Dental

City Dental is one of the largest private dental clinics in Scandinavia, and offers high quality dental care to a price that everyone can afford. City Dental works with the absolute latest equipent and offer all kinds of dental care.

City Dental has managed to reach a part of the population that, for various reasons, otherwise wouldn’t go to the dentist. For many people, it’s difficult to get off work to go to the dentist during working hours and also, a matter of cost to take time of for the appointment. That is the reason why, besides being open from early morning to late evening, City Dental is open seven days a week, including Sundays.

Thanks to our generous opening hours, where full advantage is taken of facilities and technical equipment, large-scale production and small administration, City Dental can drive down prices and still maintain a high quality of care.


City Dental is working hard to maintain the highest quality possible. Quality assurance is part of the daily work. A group of elected dentists perform periodic inspections of all the treatments that are planned and conducted at the clinic. In addition, City Dental is actively pursuing extensive quality work when it comes to equipment, material, environment, hygiene and sterility.

For example, all the products that are used and purchased carry a clear declaration of ingredients, are fully traceable and CE-marked.

Even the sterilization is fully traceable and is carried out under a program that controls the handling, the date of sterilization, who performed the sterilization, temperature, humidity, etc.

City Dental has also established a patient committee, to which patients can turn with questions or comments.

From the very start, the management took great care seeing that the practice maintained a state-of-the-art level of equipment and technology, and therefore makes sure to continuously keep up to date with cutting-edge knowledge, technology and equipment. The management, for example, recently invested in a volume tomograph (3D imaging). With modern knowledge and equipment, you can achieve the finest quality of care.


When City Dental opened its doors in 2005 there were only 5 dentists, 2 hygienists and 8 nurses. Today, City Dental has 18 treatment rooms, about 35 to 40 dentists and roughly as many dental nurses. All in all, with all the dentists, nurses, hygienists, receptionists, sterile personnel, dental technicians, finance and management staff, City Dental today consists of about 95 people, serving 120,000 patients, or approximately 10 percent of the population of Stockholm.

All the dentists and dental hygienists working at City Dental are holders of a Swedish dental license, issued by the National Board of Health and Welfare. The staff is highly diverse, representing almost all the religions of the world. There’s a gender balance of roughly 50/50 men and women. Together, the staff currently speaks over 40 different languages. The mix of cultures and multilingualism have become hallmarks of City Dental, and having different origins allows for different perspectives and increases understanding of, and the means of communication with, all patients.


City Dental also supports the charity A Childs Smile, and we have donated to the Jamaican Smiles project for the past three years. The project comprises a volunteer team of dentists, nurses and dental hygienists from Sweden who travel to Jamaica offering free dental care to children (0-18 years) in vulnerable areas.


Drottninggatan 27
Box 161 56

Nearest subway station is T-Centralen exit Sergels Torg.


08 – 20 06 80